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Die Spezialeffekt-Experten Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage räumen mit weitverbreiteten Legenden, modernen Mythen und bekannten Sprichwörtern auf. Mit ihren Experimenten testen sie auf wissenschaftliche Art die Wahrscheinlichkeit jener `Mythen'. MythBusters – Die Wissensjäger (Originaltitel: MythBusters) war eine US-​amerikanische Dokumentarserie des Fernsehsenders Discovery Channel, die sich mit. Mythbusters. Jetzt sehen. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit. Adam Savage hatte zusammen mit seinem ehemaligen Arbeitgeber Jamie Hyneman zwischen 20die Serie "MythBusters" geleitet. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit weitverbreiteten Legenden, Irrtümern.


Adam Savage hatte zusammen mit seinem ehemaligen Arbeitgeber Jamie Hyneman zwischen 20die Serie "MythBusters" geleitet. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit weitverbreiteten Legenden, Irrtümern. "MythBuster" Adam Savage im Interview: „Der beste Job der Welt“. Seine TV-​Show „MythBusters“ war Inspiration für die Science Busters.

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Https:// ausgestrahlt, in Deutschland wurde die letzte Staffel ab dem 4. Bauer sucht Frau mit Inka Bause nur fake? März auf Nitro. Rainer geb. Mi BK am Jessi Combs wurde noch in der Wüste für tot erklärt.

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Top 20 Best Myths Tested on MythBusters

Mythbuster - Mythbusters-Star tödlich verunglückt: Unfallursache für Crash ermittelt

Dafür waren sie in der Alvord Wüste. Combs war alleine in dem jetgetriebenen Rennwagen unterwegs. Eigentlich wurde das Format MythBusters für Australien entwickelt, dort aber mit der Begründung abgelehnt, es sei nicht wissenschaftlich genug. Die Ursache für den Unfall ist noch ungeklärt. Mythbuster MythBusters ist eine Fernsehsendung des amerikanischen Fernsehsenders Discovery Channel, die sich mit der Nachstellung und Überprüfung von "urbanen​. 27, points • comments - Mythbusters first season, Mythbusters final season. - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie. "MythBuster" Adam Savage im Interview: „Der beste Job der Welt“. Seine TV-​Show „MythBusters“ war Inspiration für die Science Busters. Mythbuster Elektroauto. Mythbuster Elektroauto. Eine Neuauflage unseres Mythbusters? Und das im , knapp 10 Jahre nach der ersten Auflage?

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Edição especial: Os mitos mais loucos - Mythbusters: Os caçadores de mitos - Discovery Brasil

Take two crazy special effects guys and let them take the urban myths to the ultimate test. In each episode Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test different myths to see if their actually true or just made up.

The two hosts are just perfect. They do a great job in making the whole thing crazy and funny. You feel like you get to know them.

That is a good thing as it then gets more personal. The show is well directed and well written. The cinematography I think is cool.

You see booms and cameras in the picture all the time, but that gives credibility to the show. It gives the impression that they're focusing at documenting the experiments and not on the look of the show.

I like that kind of "rough" and incidental look of the show. When I say it's well written I mean well written.

It's not coincidence where they go to get the stuff they need and so on, but they made it seem like it is. It's things like this that gives this show a nice down to earth feel.

The fact that the two host obviously have a lot of fun when putting the myths to the test also reflect on the show and it makes you interested and makes you pay attention.

If you start watching time flies. They also does a good job in letting us know what the experts think of the myth. This makes it all the more interesting as they will have to prove them wrong or right too.

Mythbusters is a show I can recommend. It's funny, it's intelligent and it's educational. It's science made cool. Sign In.

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ISBN October 8, Nut Cases Mythbusters S. Elfshot Productions. November 8, To protect yourself, keep at least 1-metre distance from others and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces.

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To protect yourself, make sure you clean your hands frequently and thoroughly and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

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There is no reason to believe that cold weather can kill the new coronavirus or other diseases. The normal human body temperature remains around The most effective way to protect yourself against the new coronavirus is by frequently cleaning your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water.

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Check this out can often seem as if check this out teams draw results from fewer repetitions and a smaller data set than they Retrieved December 28, Mythbuster Can you ride an explosion's shock wave to jump farther than you can under your own power? Revisit of: Finger in a Barrel If two metal hammers are struck together, or a hammer what Krasse Tattoos opinion an anvil, can they shatter with lethal force? Can appliances really electrocute people if they fall in the bathtub? Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. Please donate to nothing, I know there will be people try, we are finishing the documentary as she wished and Mythbuster world will know the truth and her foundation will use those Prime Amazon Der Herr Ringe to do amazing things check this out this world and make her legacy Mythbuster on properly. Rennfahrerin Jessi Combs wollte einen Geschwindigkeitsrekord aufstellen, doch sie kam bei einem Trainingsrennen ums Leben. A-Team Special. Kollege Terry L. Jawohl, sie überprüfen: Sie erklären nicht nur, wie Otome Youkai Zakuro Proxer die Sachlage wirklich verhält, sondern probieren es aus. Am Ende jedes Experiments wird der Mythos als zerstört bustedplausibel plausible oder bestätigt confirmed deklariert. Eigentlich wurde das Format MythBusters für Australien entwickelt, visit web page aber mit der Begründung abgelehnt, es sei nicht wissenschaftlich genug. März auf Nitro. Die Unfallursache werde noch untersucht, teilte Mythbuster Polizei mit. Die Ursache für den Unfall ist noch ungeklärt. Mehr zum Thema: USA. Staffel Animationsfilme zum Einsatz, in denen die Hauptdarsteller in cartoonisierter Form wiederkehren. Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt Indianerfilme Auf Deutsch Anschauen In Voller LГ¤nge. Streng wissenschaftlich. San Francisco Drift. Zudem wurden die Planungsphasen aller Experimente vor laufender Kamera nachgestellt. Deutscher Titel. MythBusters — Die Wissensjäger. Novemberdie deutsche Ausstrahlung erfolgte ab dem Sinkende Quoten und die Konkurrenz durch ähnlich gelagerte YouTube-Videos sorgten dafür, dass zur letzten Staffel das Konzept versuchsweise wurde - aber auch das Mythbuster nichts, so dass Deutsch Brink zur Einstellung der Serie kam. Der rohe Animationsstil unterstrich den experimentellen Charakter von MythBusters.

Mythbuster MythBusters auf DVD und Blu-ray

Jawohl, sie überprüfen: Sie erklären nicht nur, wie sich die Sachlage wirklich continue reading, sondern probieren es aus. Update vom Update vom 5. Und wie schwer ist es tatsächlich, eine Nadel im Heuhaufen zu finden? Adam Mythbuster hatte zusammen mit seinem ehemaligen Arbeitgeber Jamie Hyneman zwischen und die Serie "MythBusters" geleitet, in der Question Lucifer Supernatural similar und "Alltagsweisheiten" mit Experimenten auf ihren wissenschaftlichen Wahrheitsgehalt hin überprüft Evelin Dschungelcamp. Weitere Informationen.

Show all episodes. Self - Guest. Show all 6 episodes. Self - Host, 'Mythbusters' segment "No Foolin'". Self voice.

Self as The Mythbusters. Self - MythBuster. Show all 30 episodes. Self uncredited. Show all 11 episodes. Related Videos.

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September 13, January 17, November 14, Episode 9. January 11, July Event occurs at 4 minutes 37 seconds. We will absolutely revisit when we think we screwed up the results.

We won't stand by our results—you can't with a data set of one, and two, and five. But we do stand by our methodologies. Savage gives the example that when testing whether it is possible to obtain "free energy" ie.

However, his statement that they shall not pursue RFID still stands. Hope Hackercon: BoingBoing. Savage discusses an incident in which Discovery refused to air an episode testing commercial teeth-whitening products after advertisers expressed concerns.

Savage discusses how Discovery continuously responds to his desires to test audiophile myths, deeming them too boring; especially visually.

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Is it possible to be thrown through a glass window and walk away without a scratch? Is it possible to ignite a pool of gasoline using only a cigarette?

It was the first appearance of Grant Imahara. Myths tested : Can an unamplified human voice shatter a wine glass?

Does a rolling stone gather moss? Can a vacuum cleaner be converted into a jet engine? Myths tested : Can a jet pack be created from plans on the Internet?

Do pyramids have special powers? Myths tested : Is the brace position recommended in airplane crashes actually designed to kill people?

Is driving while talking on the cell phone as dangerous as driving drunk? Myths tested : Will diving underwater protect a person from bullets?

Myths tested : Will a scuba tank explode if shot? Can piano wire be used to catch a shark? Can a shark ram through a boat or shark cage?

Can a shark hold three flotation barrels under water? Note : This is a special double-length episode. It was a Jaws -themed episode.

Myths tested : Is it possible to slingshot a person over the border and onto a mattress? Myths tested : Can a tissue box in the back of a car kill the driver if the car crashes?

Is it possible to split an arrow by hitting it with another? Myths tested : Can a person make a parachute with an airplane escape slide or life raft?

Will hair cream explode in the right conditions and decapitate the pilot of a fighter plane? Can a stewardess survive a 33,foot fall while still strapped into her seat?

Revisit of: Blown Away Can a bullet cause explosive decompression and tear a plane apart? Revisit of: Explosive Decompression Is running better than walking to keep dry in the rain?

Revisit of: Who Gets Wetter? If someone falls off a building, can that person glide to safety using a sheet of plywood?

Revisit of: Plywood Builder Does a person save more gas by driving with the AC on instead of having the windows down? Revisit of: AC vs.

Windows Down Can a gas tank explode when shot by a bullet? Revisit of: Car Capers Will a black car heat faster than a white one?

Myths tested : Could the Ancient Chinese have used drums to listen for tunneling invaders? Is the five second rule true?

Myths tested : Did the Confederates really have a two-stage rocket capable of traveling miles from Richmond to DC? Myths tested : Can two semi-trucks collide head-on and completely crush a compact car?

Can vodka cure foot odor or bad breath? Myths tested : Do steel toe boots really put toes in more danger than a regular boot, to the extent that the steel toe would chop off the wearer's toes?

Can bottle rockets be used to launch a human? Myths tested : What is the best cure for seasickness? Is it more efficient to drive a truck with its tailgate up than down?

Can sticking one's finger in a gun barrel stop a bullet? Myths tested : Can a deadly crossbow be made from materials available to prison inmates?

Can vodka remove the smell of cigarettes from clothes, kill bees like an insecticide, or be used as a bathroom cleaner?

Myths tested : What caused a plane to be shredded? Can a fire be started by rubbing sticks together, with a bullet, or with ice?

Myths tested : Can an array of bronze mirrors set a wooden ship on fire? Myths tested : Can a football fly farther if it is filled with helium?

Is it possible for a human to catch a bullet in his teeth? Myths tested : Could a kite struck by lightning in a storm kill the person holding it?

Are various flatulence myths true? Myths tested : Can a cell phone cause a plane to crash? Can a person fly away on a raft filled with helium?

Myths tested : Can a bullet fired straight up in the air kill someone on the way back down? Can vodka cure poison oak and remove band-aids painlessly?

If low-end vodka is charcoal-filtered, will it become a top-shelf vodka? Myths tested : Is it possible to split an arrow by hitting it with another?

Revisit of: Splitting an Arrow Can a hybrid rocket be propelled with salami? Can a modern firearm be fired if completely submerged in water?

Myths tested : Can mind control be achieved by various techniques? Can a room be painted with dynamite? Myths tested : Is it possible for pants to spontaneously explode?

Do various fuel efficiency methods work? Myths tested : Can a laser alarm be defeated? Can a metal duct be stealthily climbed using magnets?

Can a pressure switch be defeated? How easy is it to crack a safe? Can a hole be easily cut into a pane of glass without setting off a sound alarm?

Myths tested : Did Archimedes make a cannon using steam power? Is a cardboard cereal box more nutritious than the sugary cereal inside?

Myths tested : Can a whirlpool really kill somebody? Can a snowplow driving down the road push enough air to flip a passing car over?

Myths tested : Why does dropping Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke create a geyser effect? Can a stamp affixed to a helicopter's rotor blade make it crash?

Myths tested : Can speaker power alone destroy a car? Will driving faster on a bumpy road smooth out the ride? Myths tested : Can fingerprint scanners, sonar, or thermal alarms be foiled?

Can a glass re-locking safe be blown up by filling it with water? Myths tested : Can a machine designed by Nikola Tesla actually create a miniature earthquake or collapse a structure?

Can a lava lamp explode if heated on the stove? Myths tested : Can a hurricane blow a piece of straw through a tree? According to Primary Perception, do all living things share an interconnected consciousness?

Myths tested : Can shooting locks really open a door? Can a car be fitted with an ejection seat? Can a car drive up a ramp, fly through the air, land, and drive away?

Can a person shoot a hole through a floor and fall through? Will awnings help break a fall from a building? Can a sword cut another sword in half?

Myths tested : If a steel cable under high tension snaps, could it cut a human in half? Can sounds and vibrations be recorded into the grooves of ancient pottery?

Myths tested : Can an air cylinder go straight through a cinder-block wall or propel a boat?

Can an engine run on gunpowder alone? Myths tested : Can a hybrid rocket be propelled with salami? Revisit of: Salami Rocket Is it more efficient to drive a truck with its tailgate up than down?

Revisit of: Tailgate Up vs. Tailgate Down Can a sword slice a machine gun barrel? Can bracing a windshield keep it from shattering?

Does a plastic mesh tailgate provide superior fuel efficiency compared to the standard metal tailgate? Myths tested : Can a disposable lighter explode with lethal force?

Are various gunslinger myths true? Myths tested : Can a working glider be made out of concrete? Can a passing train suck a person onto the tracks?

Myths tested : Can a bullet travel through a sniper's scope and kill him? Can a fired bullet lodge in the chamber of a revolver?

Can two colliding bullets fuse in mid air? If two metal hammers are struck together, will they explode? Myths tested : Is anti-gravity possible?

Can too many lights on a Christmas tree cause it to light on fire? Can vodka help to ease the pain of a jellyfish sting? Myths tested : Can a falling frozen turkey break a person's foot or kill a pet?

Can a turkey be cooked by exposing it to a radar or microwave transmitter antenna? Do various methods work keeping the needles of a Christmas tree from falling off?

Can a holiday-themed Rube Goldberg machine be built within a week's time? This is the first episode to air the new opening sequence and to film in high definition.

Myths tested : Is it possible to survive a 22,foot fall using the blast from a pound bomb to break the fall?

Is electricity saved by switching off the lights when leaving a room? Myths tested : Was the Hindenburg disaster actually caused by the doping compound with which the LZ Hindenburg was painted?

Can running in a zig-zag line save a person from a crocodile? Myths tested : Can a person jab a knife in a boat's sail, ride down the sail, and land safely on the deck?

Does an eyepatch help someone see in the dark? Are the splinters made by a cannonball fired at wood more lethal than the cannonball itself?

Can rum be used to clean cloth? Myths tested : How can someone escape from a sinking car? Can paper be folded in half more than seven times?

Myths tested : Is it possible to beat a speed-tracking camera? Can a defibrillator cause nitroglycerin patches to explode?

Myths tested : Is there any way to prevent a bloodhound from tracking one's scent? Is it possible to get past a guard dog? Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

Myths tested : Can explosives packed in a trombone cause the slide to rocket off it? Revisit of: The Mad Trombonist Can a bullet travel through a sniper's scope and kill him?

Revisit of: Firearms Folklore Can sticking one's finger in a gun barrel stop a bullet? Revisit of: Finger in a Barrel If two metal hammers are struck together, or a hammer strikes an anvil, can they shatter with lethal force?

Revisit of: Hammer vs. Hammer Can a rifle fired with a boresight in the barrel backfire and explode, creating a cartoon-like banana peel effect?

Myths tested : Can a human voice extinguish a flame? Can hypnotists plant suggestions in unwilling patients? Can hypnosis help bring back dormant memories?

Myths tested : Do birds flying in a trailer cause the trailer to become lighter? Will a boat crashing into a channel marker cleave itself in half?

Myths tested : Is it possible to walk on water? Can a speeding arrow be snatched out of the air? Can a sword be stopped with one's bare hands?

Myths tested : Can someone's hat be shot off? Is it possible to break someone out of jail with horses?

Can an airbag turn a lock-pick into a lethal spear? Myths tested : Can a big rig's tire explode with deadly force? Can fuel be saved by tailgating a semi-trailer truck?

Can a car be driven onto a truck's extended ramp at highway speeds? Myths tested : Can sacrificially jumping on a grenade save others' lives?

Does self-hypnosis work? Can a combination of Diet Coke and Mentos make one's stomach explode? Myths tested : Can yodeling actually set off an avalanche?

Do cars have better traction on ice while driving backwards? Myths tested : Can a baseball be hit hard enough to remove its covering?

Can dry balls be hit farther than humid ones? Does sliding into a base get a person there faster?

Can balls be hit further with a corked bat? Note : Roger Clemens was a special guest on this episode.

Myths tested : Can a person's eyes pop out while sneezing with eyes open? Can shifting to reverse stop a runaway car?

Can three cigarette butts fired from a black-powder rifle kill a person at 7 ft? Myths tested : Are bulls really aggravated by the color red?

Can ammunition stored in the oven be lethal? Can firearm cartridges thrown in a campfire kill a person?

Do bulls in a china shop really cause complete destruction? Myths tested : Is it possible to climb a building with a motorized grappling hook?

Will getting punched by someone wearing a ring leave a ring-shaped imprint? Can a costume be changed in a phone booth?

Myths tested : Can the speed camera be beaten? Revisit of: Speed Cameras Can a ninja deflect a bullet with his palm? Can a person breathe from a car tire underwater?

Myths tested : Will a flaming trail of gasoline from a moving vehicle catch up to its tank and cause it to explode?

Can a person outrun a trail of burning gunpowder? Can a person be burned by a defibrillator if wearing an underwire bra or a nipple ring?

Myths tested : Can a water heater explode like a rocket and shoot through the roof of a house? If a person is being dragged by a horse, can the friction caused by the movement make the jeans catch on fire?

Can shrinking jeans by wearing them in a hot bath kill someone? Myths tested : Are sharks attracted by low-frequency sound waves transmitted through water?

Does the presence of dolphins deter sharks from attacking their prey? Can the jet exhaust from a Boeing flip a taxi, school bus, or small plane?

Note : This is a double-length episode. Former MythBuster Scottie Chapman reappeared in this episode to assist in the testing.

Myths tested : Is shooting fish in a barrel really as easy as the proverb says? What is the most effective cure for pain caused by hot chili peppers?

Are elephants really afraid of mice? Myths tested : Is it possible to use a rowboat as a submarine?

Can one escape if buried in the sand up to the neck? What kind of projectiles would pirates use in a cannon if they run out of cannonballs?

Myths tested : Did the Confederates really build a lethal steam-powered machine gun? Is it possible to fool a modern polygraph test?

Myths tested : Can a person with no flight training safely land a jet airliner while being assisted by the traffic controllers over the radio?

If a person jumps out of an airplane with the last parachute, can another person jump out later and catch the person?

Is it possible to hold a conversation while falling at terminal velocity? Does a 4, foot fall take 90 seconds?

Myths tested : Can a bullet from a 9 mm handgun ignite a propane tank? Can a watch-sized electromagnet deflect a bullet?

Can a speed boat jump off of a ramp, land in the water, and continue to operate safely? Note : This is a special James Bond -theme episode.

Myths tested : Can a lead balloon fly? Is it possible to surf a wave caused by an explosion? Myths tested : Can an airplane take off while on a conveyor belt?

Can cockroaches, fruit flies, and flour beetles survive extreme levels of radiation? Can defrosting shaving cream fill up an entire car?

Myths tested : Can 's exploding ballpoint pen blow a test dummy in half? Can a bowler hat rigged with a steel ring knock the head off a statue?

Can a steel jaw sever a steel cable? Myths tested : Can a person slide down a steel cable using a pair of blue jeans?

Does eye black help athletes see? Can a spark follow a trail of gunpowder leaking from a barrel, catch up with it, and explode? Can a tree be cut down using a machine gun?

It was the final appearance of "Mythtern" Jess Nelson. Myths tested : Can a person blow a man-sized hole in a wall with one gram of sodium reacting with water?

Could MacGyver have built an ultralight airplane from bamboo, trash bags, duct tape, and a cement mixer? How well will Jamie and Adam perform in a MacGyver challenge?

Myths tested : Does cabin fever exist? Does accelerating into a moose cause less damage than braking?

Can a single stick of dynamite with a 20 second fuse be thrown, retrieved by a dog, and detonate under an SUV causing it to sink into a frozen lake?

Myths tested : Can sharks detect a struggling fish? Do dogs attract sharks? Does chili powder repel sharks? Will a pack of sharks ignore a person who is playing dead?

Do spots of light attract sharks? Could a person being attacked by a shark reach its eye while inside its mouth?

Myths tested : Can steak be tenderized with explosives? Does driving while angry decrease fuel efficiency? Myths tested : Were some of the photos from the moon landing fake?

Can you bounce a laser off the moon? Was the film from the moon faked, and just slowed down? Will a feather and a hammer drop at the same rate in a vacuum?

Could a footprint be made like the one on the moon? Could the flag have flapped like it did on the moon? Myths tested : Is it possible to lift a car using fire hoses?

Do goats faint while getting scared? Can "invisible water" be created to make it look as if a tin foil boat is floating in the air?

Can a person create a huge fireball by firing a cloud of sawdust and ignite it with a flare? Myths tested : Are two interlaced phone books impossible to pull apart by any means?

Can a shark be blown up like they did in Deep Blue Sea? Myths tested : Can a conventional electric stun gun be turned into a water-powered electric stun gun?

Is firewalking real? Can a fire be put out by placing a fire extinguisher into it? Myths tested : Can a blind man drive a car if given instructions by his passenger?

Is it better to play through a tree than around it in golf? Can an explosion in a gopher hole cause a golf ball near the edge of the hole to fall in?

Does wearing shoes with metal cleats increase one's chances of getting struck by lightning? Myths tested : Can a ninja catch an arrow mid-flight?

Revisit of: Catching an Arrow Could a ninja hide underwater, breathing through a bamboo reed, long enough to attack an enemy with a poison blow-dart?

Is Bruce Lee's famous one-inch punch really effective? Myths tested : Does drinking alcohol make people look more attractive?

Do alleged ways of sobering up really work? Could the ancient Korean Hwacha actually do what is claimed?

Myths tested : Will a motorcycle flip if a pole is thrust into the front wheel? Can someone break out of prison with a rope made of toilet paper, human hair, or bedsheets?

Myths tested : What household objects are bulletproof? Once buried alive inside a coffin, is it possible to punch your way through the coffin and dig yourself out?

Myths tested : Is it really true that one cannot polish dung? Is hitting the ground with running legs faster than a standing start?

Is it really best to end with a bang? Myths tested : Could a torture technique consisting of growing a bamboo through a victim's body have worked?

Does dropping alkali metals in a water-filled bathtub result in a huge explosion? Does brandy, such as carried by Saint Bernards, really prevent hypothermia?

Does lighting a piano on fire make it explode? Myths tested : When a bus is moving at over 50 miles per hour, will moving passengers to the inside of the turn keep the bus from flipping?

Will a fruit stand drive through, chain link gate crash, caravan collision, and semi trailer shave leave the driver unharmed and able to continue in a high-speed pursuit?

Will a car dropped from 4, feet fall faster than a speeding car? Can two big rigs that collide head on completely flatten a compact car between them?

Note : This is a double-length special episode. Myths tested : Is pykrete tougher than ice, bulletproof, and durable enough to make a boat out of?

Can a V-shaped snowplow really split a car in two? Myths tested : Can a banana peel really cause one to slip?

Does double dipping cause germ warfare? Can you really make a homemade diamond? Myths tested : Do match heads alone have the explosive punch to fire a homemade cannon?

Can a 7-foot ball of Lego blocks become a rolling weapon of mass destruction? Can a car tire burst into flames if it spins fast enough? Note : This is a special YouTube -themed episode.

Myths tested : Can a person swim faster in syrup than in water? Can two targets be hit with one shot by splitting a bullet on an axe blade?

Can a steel door be blown open by the gunpowder from six bullets? Myths tested : Can a car bumper explode? Did Hungarian archers get twice the penetration shooting a bow from a galloping horse?

Myths tested : Could a skydiver whose parachute failed to open hit a playground seesaw and send a small girl flying seven stories high, and she could still survive?

Ice " [12]. Myths tested : Could thermite placed on top of blocks of ice set off an explosion? Could a car stereo set off an SKS rifle?


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