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The Dark Knight () stream deutsch german online kinox: Nach dem Tod des Staatsanwalts Harvey Dent alias Two-Face nahm Batman die Schuld von. In seiner wahnhaften Vision möchte er die Stadt in Chaos und Anarchie stürzen und Batman scheint der einzige, der ihn stoppen kann. Bis es zum endgültigen. The Dark Knight () stream online anschauen kostenlos KinoX, The Dark Nach dem Tod des Staatsanwalts Harvey Dent alias Two-Face nahm Batman die​. The Dark Knight Rises stream online anschauen kinox kinos elchighschool.co - Following the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman assumes responsibility for. TO - elchighschool.co - elchighschool.co Burt Ward as Robin, Boy Wonder in 'Batman' (TV series) - batman symble Dark Knight, Gotham, Cooles Zeug, Tapeten.

Batman Dark Knight Kinox

The Dark Knight () stream online anschauen kostenlos KinoX, The Dark Nach dem Tod des Staatsanwalts Harvey Dent alias Two-Face nahm Batman die​. Movie Online New: The dark Knight Kinox Comicform hatte the Jester of Genocide in Batman 1 aus dem Jahr , kokreiert von Bob Kane. Film: «Batman of the Future - Der Joker kommt zurück» — stream Kinox. streamcloud Batman: Gotham Knight Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Teil 2. Batman Dark Knight Kinox Most importantly, they address cracking the Source Wall, which means their Multiverse just got much learn more here. Bruce Wayne https://elchighschool.co/serien-stream-bs/ame-yuki-v-die-wolfskinder.php also shown himself to have a good deal of faith in people as evidenced in The Dark Knight. Batman fights Bane, but Bane breaks his back and takes him abroad to an underground prison. Gardner Click the following article. With his vast wealth source company, Batman has access to some of the world's greatest equipment and technology to improve his performance.

Batman evades the police to get Rachel to safety, administering her the antidote and giving her a vial of it for Gordon and another for mass production.

At Bruce's birthday party, Ducard reappears and reveals himself to be the true Ra's al Ghul, with the other one being a decoy.

Having stolen a powerful microwave emitter from Wayne Enterprises, he plans to vaporize Gotham's water supply, rendering Crane's drug airborne and causing mass hysteria that will destroy the city.

He sets Wayne Manor aflame and leaves Bruce to die, but Alfred rescues him. Ra's loads the microwave emitter onto Gotham's monorail system to release the drug at the city's central water source.

Batman rescues Rachel from a drugged mob and indirectly reveals his identity to her. Confronting Ra's on the monorail, as Gordon uses the Tumbler's cannons to destroy a section of the track, Batman refuses to kill Ra's but chooses not to save him, gliding from the train as it crashes, killing Ra's.

Bruce gains Rachel's respect and love, but she decides she cannot be with him now, telling him if Gotham should no longer need Batman, they can be together.

Batman becomes a public hero and Bruce reveals he has purchased a controlling stake in Wayne Enterprises, firing Earle and replacing him with Fox.

Sergeant Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant and shows Batman the Bat-Signal , mentioning a criminal who leaves behind Joker playing cards.

After the Joker and his thugs rob a mob-owned bank, multiple Batman impersonators interrupt a meeting between mobsters and the Scarecrow.

The real Batman shows up and subdues everyone, but injuries suffered during the confrontation leads him to design a new, more versatile suit of armor.

Batman and Lieutenant Gordon contemplate bringing new district attorney Harvey Dent in on their plan to eradicate the mob, and the possibility that Dent will become the hero to the people that Batman could not be.

The next day, Bruce Wayne, presumably due to his late night, ends up sleeping during a business proposal from a Chinese mobster account named Lau.

He later reveals that he deliberately allowed for Lau to come so he could get a closer look at his numbers, having already suspected that his business methods were dirty.

At the same time, Bruce and Harvey are both competing for the love of Rachel, despite the fact that she is dating Harvey.

Lau informs gang leaders that he had taken their money to Hong Kong to prevent the police and the district attorney from seizing it in an imminent bank raid.

In order to ensure there is nothing suspicious about his absence from Gotham when trying to retrieve Lau, Bruce proceeds to have the entire Gotham Ballet group accompany him to a yacht vacation near Hong Kong.

He then fakes not being able to arrive while Lucius Fox scouts Lau's office under the pretense of a business meeting with Lau, with Fox also proceeding to supply him with a blueprint of the layout of the building.

Later that night, Batman then proceeds to infiltrate the building and, despite the arrival of several cops under Lau's payroll, succeeds in nabbing the corrupt businessman, and also ensuring his escape with a Fulton surface-to-air recovery system and a cargo plane.

After Batman successfully abducts Lau in Hong Kong and delivers him to the Gotham City police, the mobsters agree to pay the Joker half of their money in return for killing Batman.

When the Joker began killing off public officials, including Commissioner Loeb and apparently Gordon, despite the best efforts of the police and Batman to stop him, Wayne decides to turn himself in to the police.

Before he could do so, Dent publicly admits to being the Batman to draw the Joker out of hiding for the real Batman to capture.

The Joker attempts to kill Dent during transport, but Gordon who faked his death and Batman intervene in time to stop and arrest him and deliver him to the Major Crimes Unit as Gordon is promoted to Commissioner by Mayor Anthony Garcia.

With the Joker in custody, Batman and Gordon at first believe that his madness is over, but become alarmed when informed that Dent has gone missing.

Desperate to find him, Batman interrogates the Joker until he reveals that Rachel and Dent have been taken to opposite sides of the city, far enough apart that Batman would not have time to save both of them.

Batman speeds off to save Rachel, while Gordon and the police head after Dent. Unknown to them, the Joker had switched the locations, sending Batman after Dent and Gordon after Rachel.

Batman arrived and rescued Dent just as both buildings explode, although the left side of Dent's face is burned during the explosion.

Gordon does not reach Rachel in time and she perishes in the explosion. In the hospital, Dent is driven to madness over the loss of Rachel, which he blames on Batman, Gordon and the Joker.

The Joker frees Harvey from the hospital and convinces him to exact revenge on the cops, mobsters, Gordon and Batman. While "Harvey Two-Face" confronts the corrupt cops and the mobsters one by one, flipping a coin to decide their fates, the Joker burns Lau along with the mob's money.

The Joker plants explosives on two ferries of evacuees and gave the passengers on board the chance to destroy the opposing vessel, one full of prison convicts and another with civilians, in order to save their own lives.

Batman tracks the Joker to an uncompleted skyscraper, preventing him from blowing up the ferries when both vessels' occupants decide they would rather not sacrifice the lives of the passengers in the other vessel for their own.

Following a brief hand-to-hand fight which ends when the Joker pinned Batman in a scaffold, Batman throws the Joker off of the scaffold but saves him by grappling him.

The Joker acknowledges that Batman really was incorruptible, but that Dent was not, and that he has unleashed Harvey's madness upon the city.

Batman finds Gordon and his family with Dent at the building where Rachel died. Two-Face proceeds to judge Batman, himself, and Gordon's son through the chance of a coin flip, which he saw as the only fairness left in the world.

Two-Face shoots Batman in the stomach and judges himself innocent, but before he can determine the boy's fate, Batman tackles him over the side of the building, saving Gordon's son, but injuring his leg in the process.

With Dent dead, Batman and Gordon decide that the Joker would win if anyone discovers Dent's corruption and madness. Batman convinces Gordon to let him take all the blame for Dent's murders in order to preserve the former district attorney's image as Gotham's hero and give the city hope.

As Gordon destroys the Bat-Signal, a manhunt is issued for Batman, now branded an enemy by the rest of Gotham.

Bruce has not been in action as Batman since; he has become a social recluse after completing the rebuild of Wayne Manor, has developed medical issues since retiring as Batman, and continues to mourn Rachel, who he believes would have chosen him over Harvey.

In addition, Wayne Enterprises is losing money after Bruce discontinued his fusion reactor project when he learned that it could be weaponized.

During the anniversary of the Dent Act, the celebrations are held at Wayne Manor but Bruce only watches from a distance. As this is happening, a maid, later revealed as cat burglar Selina Kyle , is stealing Bruce's mother's pearl necklace from his private quarters.

Bruce sneaks up behind her and confronts her, but she overpowers him and escapes with the necklace. During an investigation of the safe, Bruce discovers that the real target was his fingerprints and not the necklace.

Opting to retrieve his mother's pearls, Bruce tracks the thief via a GPS locator that was planted onto the pearls.

After he finds her at a gala, Selina wonders why Bruce didn't call the police, to which he hints he has a "powerful friend.

After she hints of "a storm coming", he takes the pearls back, but Selina is able to steal his car by claiming to be his wife. Shortly afterward, Wayne is visited by police officer John Blake who tells him about an attack on James Gordon and the police force by Bane and his followers.

Blake also tells Bruce that he has deduced his secret identity as Batman and can also relate to him; Blake had also lost his parents at a young age, and has learned to hide his anger, similar to putting on a mask, and asks Bruce to return as Batman.

Bruce then meets with Lucius Fox regarding the future of Wayne Enterprises, and the two examine his equipment while fighting as Batman.

Returning to the cave, Bruce puts on a sophisticated leg brace which returns his ability to walk without a cane.

Against Alfred's advice, he dons his cape and cowl again and goes out to Gotham. Simultaneously, Bane uses Bruce's stolen fingerprints to attack the Gotham Stock Exchange in a series of transactions that leaves Wayne bankrupt.

As a result, Batman resurfaces for the first time in eight years while intercepting Bane and his subordinates, but the police opt to pursue him rather than the criminals as Batman was still the accused murderer of Harvey Dent.

Batman escapes in the Bat , a giant aerial craft made by Lucius Fox. He finds Selina Kyle holding John Daggett, Wayne's business rival, hostage and sees a group of Bane's thugs making their way towards her to kill her.

She and Batman fight off the thugs until Bane himself appears, causing them to flee. Surprised that Batman is the "powerful friend," Selina informs him that she sold Wayne's fingerprints to Daggett.

Alfred is convinced that Wayne is not strong enough to fight Bane, and in a final attempt to dissuade him from returning to action as Batman, resigns as Bruce's butler and reveals Rachel's intent to marry Dent instead of him, to which Bruce dismisses him.

After examining the fusion reactor project, Tate agrees to accept guardianship of the Reactor and Wayne Enterprises as Bruce is forced to step down from the Board.

He then gets a lift by John Blake who he tells that anyone could be a hero, and the two discuss Bane's whereabouts. Bruce tells Blake to drop him at midtown, in which he goes to visit Selina Kyle.

After a brief meeting with Selina regarding Bane's whereabouts, he returns to the Manor to find Tate there waiting.

The two have sex before Wayne leaves to find Bane. Kyle agrees to take Batman to Bane but instead leads him into Bane's trap.

Bane reveals that he intends to fulfill Ra's al Ghul's mission to destroy Gotham. Batman fights Bane, but Bane breaks his back and takes him abroad to an underground prison.

The inmates tell Wayne the story of Ra's al Ghul's child, who was born and raised in the prison before escaping — the only prisoner to have done so.

Months later, Wayne escapes from the prison and returns to Gotham after Bane has taken over the city and caused chaos, turning Bruce's Reactor into a bomb.

Batman frees the police and they clash with Bane's army in the streets; during the battle, Batman overpowers Bane. She activates the bomb's detonator, but Gordon blocks her signal.

Talia leaves to find the bomb while Bane prepares to kill Batman, but Kyle arrives and kills Bane. Batman and Kyle pursue Talia, hoping to bring the bomb back to the reactor chamber where it can be stabilized.

Talia's truck crashes, but she remotely floods and destroys the reactor chamber before dying. With no way to stop the detonation, Batman uses his aerial craft, the Bat, to haul the bomb far over the bay, where it safely explodes.

Before takeoff, Batman indirectly reveals his identity to Gordon. In the aftermath, Batman and Bruce are both presumed dead, with the former honored as a hero.

Wayne Manor becomes an orphanage and Wayne's estate is left to Alfred. Gordon finds the Bat Signal repaired, while Lucius Fox discovers that Wayne fixed the malfunctioning auto-pilot on the Bat.

While vacationing in Florence , Alfred discovers that Bruce is alive and in a relationship with Kyle.

The film is intended to be set between the events of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight , though the producers have acknowledged that it is not necessarily meant to be canon to the trilogy and could easily fall into almost any Batman continuity.

In the film, Batman is portrayed fighting against the mobs of Gotham City in addition to other villains such as Deadshot and Scarecrow. Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy.

Despite claiming he could have portrayed the character better, [20] Christian Bale's performance as Batman has received acclaim, and is generally ranked the finest among Batman actors.

Before the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which saw Ben Affleck take on the role , The Guardian surveyed the previous Batman actors, including Bale, and judged him to be the best Batman due to his balanced and realistic portrayal of the character, especially in Batman Begins , stating that "Bale gave us a Batman we could believe in, in more ways than one.

To this day, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are Bale's most financially successful films, and all three films in the trilogy are often regarded as some of the greatest superhero films of all time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Protagonist of the Dark Knight trilogy of films. Bill Finger Bob Kane.

Christopher Nolan David S. Christian Bale adult Gus Lewis young. Entrepreneur philanthropist investor vigilante.

Thomas Wayne father Martha Wayne mother. Miranda Tate lover Selina Kyle girlfriend. See also: Batman in film. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved December 8, Los Angeles Times.

Archived from the original on December 2, Retrieved May 11, Genesis of the Bat DVD featurette. Archived from the original on August 30, Retrieved December 13, Retrieved October 30, Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved November 29, September 3, Retrieved September 11, Interview minutes.

Movie City News. Chicago Sun-Times. Warner Bros. Archived from the original on October 28, When they get into the mountain, they are met by Kendra Saunders, otherwise known as Hawkgirl , who warns them of a full-scale invasion.

She explains the concept of a Dark Multiverse, a multiverse that exists beneath the DC Multiverse , that contains a dark beast named Barbatos.

Through her investigations, she has discovered a connection between Barbatos and the Wayne family. Batman is revealed to be part of a prophecy in which he will be treated by five divine metals that will open a door to the Dark Multiverse and allow Barbatos to invade the Multiverse.

It is further revealed that Barbatos first marked Batman when he was sent back in time by Darkseid 's Omega Beams during the events of the Final Crisis storyline.

Despite this, Batman steals Kendra's sample of Nth metal , which is one of the divine metals. In bringing it to the Batcave to study it, the metal leads him to the journal of Carter Hall, discovered to have been in Wayne Manor the whole time.

The journal confirms Batman's suspicions regarding his role in the prophecy. He is then visited by Daniel Hall , who warns him that the "nightmare has only just begun.

The whole Justice League searches for Batman. When Superman finds him, he interrogates him. During this exchange, Batman reveals that he has already been exposed to the foretold divine metals in a process called mantling.

It started when he faced the Court of Owls and was exposed to electrum. He was exposed to dionesium during the events of the Endgame story arc, when he fought to the death with the Joker.

The machine that was subsequently used to resurrect him exposed him to promethium. Finally, when he used the machine that allowed him to peer into the Dark Multiverse during the events of the lead-up , he exposed himself to the Nth metal.

In an attempt to escape the last metal, Batman steals Darkseid, who has been reduced to a baby. He aims to use Darkseid's Omega Beams to go back in time again and prevent Barbatos from meeting him.

Unfortunately, he is tricked by the Court of Owls and subsequently exposed to the last divine metal: batmanium. This causes him to exchange places with Barbatos and seven dark versions of himself from the Dark Multiverse.

Superman flies to the Fortress of Solitude where he encounters the dark versions of Batman for the first time as they introduce themselves as the Dark Knights.

They all come from the Dark Multiverse—temporary negative realities created by the fears of people from their respective counterpart positive universes—and were recruited by Barbatos with the promise of preventing the end of their worlds.

The Batman Who Laughs from Earth, who lost his sanity due to his world's Joker, gathered the six other Dark Multiverse Batmen after they each had altered themselves to gain superhuman abilities.

Superman is overwhelmed as he is spirited away from danger by the Flash and Doctor Fate. Superman meets the people who are left of the resistance, including those who are connected to the Nth metal such as Doctor Fate, Steel , and Plastic Man's egg.

Suddenly, Mister Terrific interprets vibrations coming from Plastic Man's egg which indicate the coordinates of four locations that need to be investigated.

Green Lantern and Mister Terrific head to the remains of Thanagar. Aquaman and Deathstroke go to Atlantis.

Once he arrives, Superman realizes that it was a trap set by the Dark Knights so that they can harness the energy from his cells to power their doomsday device which would unleash their reality into the Multiverse.

Kendra, entrusted with the mission given by the Council of Immortals, tries to fire the Anti-Monitor's astral brain in the center of the Multiverse as an attempt to stop the Dark Multiverse but is interrupted by Barbatos, who transforms her into a dark-hawk version of herself named Lady Blackhawk.

Meanwhile, Dr. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan and Mr. Starro neutralizes Lantern and Terrific and the two are incarcerated. Meanwhile, in the Dark Multiverse, Superman wakes Bruce from an unending nightmare.

Barbatos himself is a great dragon that the Forger kept to destroy unstable worlds. Knowing only destruction, Barbartos killed his creator and the Forge began to darken as twisted worlds survived.

Convinced that there is still hope, Superman has him and Batman head for the Forge of Worlds. However, they find the Forge has gone dark, and are confronted by the Dragon of Barbatos—a corrupted Carter Hall.

Exiting a portal in Arion's grave, Arthur and Deathstroke find themselves in the Earth's core. Remembering a legend of how Arion saved Atlantis by using magic from the Earth's core, they begin extracting Nth Metal, only to come under attack from Black Manta , who is allied with the Dark Knights.

However, they soon learn several Dark Knights have seized control of the Phoenix Cannon, reversing its polarity to make Earth sink further into the Dark Multiverse.

In the Rock of Eternity, Kendra regains control of her body after Wonder Woman uses her golden lasso on her, restoring Kendra's memories, although she is still in her dark-hawk form.

Kendra decides to operate under her original alias, Hawkgirl , and arms herself with Carter's mace. Clashing their metals together Diana's bracelets and Kendra's mace , the two heroines succeed in helping Green Lantern, Mr.

Terrific, Aquaman, and Deathstroke fight back against the Dark Knights. Terrific convinces Plastic Man to awaken, turning the tide of battle.

Refusing to lose, Barbatos reveals his last resort; using the combined power of the positive energy of his prisoner the Over-Monitor , the Anti-Monitor's brain's negative energy, and the Batman Who Laughs' dark energy, he plans to destroy all of creation and leave nothing but darkness in his wake.

However, an unexpected team-up of Batman and the Joker halts this plan, the Justice League defeat the remaining Dark Knights, and Hawkgirl subdues Barbatos.

After the Over-Monitor explains that all living things have trace amounts of Tenth Metal, the League proceed to use this power to pull Earth out of the Dark Multiverse it also results in the Source Wall shattering.

After the battle, the Over-Monitor chains Barbatos down at the bottom of the Dark Multiverse with Tenth Metal chains, forcing him to watch the World Forge burn bright once more as it creates new worlds.

They speak of their victory against Barbatos, Hawkman recovering on Blackhawk Island and having written about mysterious glimpses of what is to come.

Most importantly, they address cracking the Source Wall, which means their Multiverse just got much bigger. This is a matter of utmost importance, but for the night the League decides to enjoy themselves and start preparing the next day.

During the after-dinner party, Bruce, Diana, and Clark talk more about the possible incoming threats now that the Multiverse has been expanded, including a hidden threat they have not yet told anyone else about.

Bruce tells his friends not to worry, as he has a plan. On the desk of his study lay a number of blueprints for a Hall of Justice. The review aggregator website Comic Book Roundup, gave issue 1 an average score of 8.

Snyder, Capullo and their collaborators really leaned into the ecstatic lunacy of superhero comics towards the end of their Batman run and Metal feels like the next logical step.

This issue crams in all the adventure and bombast that was promised, but also makes it clear that Batman is confronting one of the most dire and all-encompassing threats of his career.

Comic Book Roundup gave issue 2 an average score of 8. Comic Book Roundup gave issue 3 an average score of 8. DC and Warner Bros. The soundtrack was produced by Tyler Bates and Mike Elizondo , [35] and was released as a six-track EP exclusively on 12" vinyl on September 28, The pressing was limited to 4, copies and the EP was also accompanied by a poster and a page comic book.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DC Comics miniseries. Cover of Dark Nights: Metal 1 October Retrieved Vox Media.

Retrieved 20 March The Washington Post. Bleeding Cool News And Rumors. Retrieved March 30, October 3,

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